Sam Claflin Talks Jennifer Lawrence, Marriage and Finnick Odair in Glamour UK July 2014 Issue

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Sam Claflin is busy filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as we speak, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have time to embrace his latest title as Glamour UK’s Man of the Year. Although he calls the title “unexpected,” Sam says he’s “truly privileged” to be placed among the past winners. And, as the man of the year, Sam landed himself on the July 2014 cover of the infamous mag and also dished about all things love, Hunger Games and more.

On getting cast as Finnick Odair:
“I couldn’t help but come across comments on my casting. They were just everywhere. I started the process thinking I was going to have to have serious surgery to make everyone happy. With a young Brad Pitt’s face, Zac Efron’s abs, Dwayne Johnson’s pecs, and Channing Tatum’s left calf! But it’s impossible to please everyone. I trusted the team that brought you Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. They had their reasons for picking me and I worked my butt off to prove to any doubters that I was the man for the job.’

On his co-star Jennifer Lawrence:
“She’s this young, talented klutz who has won an Oscar at such a young age and has the entire world loving her. But she deserves every bit of praise she’s received. I can safely say that she genuinely hasn’t and never will let any of it go to her head. She’s an inspiration to me as much as everyone else and I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with her.”

On his wife, Laura:
“Getting married was easily one of the greatest achievements of the past 12 months. To have a wife with such wondrous, creative imagination, who planned every inch of it, made the day all the more special. Every five seconds I find myself falling harder and deeper in love with her.”

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