The Most Unlikely Hunger Games Star was Body-Shamed Into Losing Weight

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When you think of body-shaming in Hollywood, we’re sure that your mind almost automatically flips to female celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence revealed in a 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, “Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight. They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet. It was just that.” And, trust us, she’s far from the only star to say such a thing.

But, what you may not realize is that women aren’t the only ones receiving such awful criticism in the industry — men totally do as well. Unfortunately, one of Jen’s hot co-stars from The Hunger Games had to learn that the hard way.

Sam Claflin, who played Finnick Odair for three out of the four THG flicks (the first one being the sequel, Catching Fire), recently admitted to being the victim of body-shaming on multiple occasions. “I remember doing one job when they literally made me pull my shirt up and were grabbing my fat and going, ‘You need to lose a bit of weight,'” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “This other time they were slapping me. I felt like a piece of meat.”

Though he doesn’t mention the aforementioned YA franchise by name, considering the 30-year-old British actor’s character (in the books) is described as extremely handsome, tall, athletic and chiseled, with tanned skin, bronze hair and especially stunning sea-green eyes, we’re guessing that staying in shape was definitely on the menu for those particular projects.

“I read in an interview recently and I think it’s absolutely true: men have it just as bad,” he continued. “Well, not just as bad but they get it bad and it’s never talked about.”

“I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as bad as what women go through,” he corrected, “but I, as an actor approaching each job, am insecure — especially when I have to take my top off in it — and so nervous. I get really worked up to the point where I spend hours and hours in the gym and not eating for weeks to achieve what I think they’re going for.”

Wow, we never would’ve expected that. Why would we? His characters come off as confident AF!

“In the ’50s and ’60s, it was never an issue,” he said. “James Bond never had a six pack. He had a hairy chest. Marlon Brando​ in A Streetcar Named Desire had an incredible body, but he was by no means ripped to within an inch of his life. There’s a filter on society that this is normal, but actually it’s anything but normal.”
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