Where Are They Now? The Cast of Sam & Cat, Including Ariana Grande

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sam and cat where are they now


Fans were devastated when iCarly went off the air in 2012, and even more heartbroken when, only a few months later, Victorious was canceled. The cancellation of these two iconic shows definitely marked the end of an area for Nickelodeon and, although we’re still watching re-runs to this day, nothing can compare to Victoria Justice freaking the freak out alongside that talented, hysterical cast. But, in an effort to keep the fan base happy, the network made a crossover of the two shows in June of 2013. Yes, we’re talking about Sam & Cat!

Although it didn’t last nearly as long as iCarly or Victorious, S&C was loved by many fans during its year-long run on Nick. How could you not fall in love with it when you had Cat (played by Ariana Grande) and Sam (played by Jennette McCurdy) stuck in an apartment together with their super-opposite personalities? From the start, it was destined to be a hilarious hit.

But although the series was taken off the air too soon, the cast has definitely made the most of life after Nickelodeon. We certainly know what Ari’s been doing in the years that followed since she makes headlines every day, but what about Jennette and the other cast members? Here’s what they’ve been up to, five years since the first ep aired: