One of Your Fave YouTube Beauty Gurus Gets Violently Attacked by 1 of Her Fans

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Like most mainstream celebrities, YouTube stars deal with hate on the daily. Because they put themselves online for all to see, some people feel they have an open invitation to scrutinize their every move. And even though the Internet bullying is horrible, perhaps nothing is quite as terrifying as what one beauty guru had to deal with during a recent night out.

New Zealand-based YouTuber Sally Jo Hickey was trying to enjoy a fun night out with her boyfriend when the evening took a dangerous turn.

“Basically, I got attacked by a viewer,” she said in a recent YouTube video. “I was very scared, ’cause I’m not a violent person and it really rattled me.”

Even though the 21 year old was initially a bit wary of going to the busy New Zealand bar, she said she was pleasantly surprised that it started off quite fun. The blonde beauty met a few of her viewers, and even stopped to take a few photos; that’s when everything went wrong.

“[Me and a fan] were taking a photo, and then I head someone scream my name. I didn’t even think about it because I was concentrating on the camera in front of me. And then next minute, wet. I felt this wet on my head and I looked down and there was glass all over me. I was drenched. My hair was drenched. There was glass in my hair. There was a cut on my foot because the glass had slithered into my shoe. Luckily, the base part, because she flung it at me and it must’ve rotated, the base part didn’t hit my head because my head didn’t bleed, it just bruised. But then the thick part shot down my leg and cut my leg a little bit. It was like time had stop. I didn’t know what had happened.”

Sally Jo immediately put her head down and tried to get as far away from her attacker as possible, but the girl was able to push through the crowd and get to her anyway.

“[She] me shoved me and she was like, ‘f*ck you. I hate you. Who the f*ck do you think you are coming in here, blah blah blah. You’re a f*cking b*tch.’ Just yelling at me.”

The New Zealander was eventually able to find her boyfriend and leave the club, and although she was (thankfully) not seriously injured, she was understandably very shaken.

“The main thing I was shocked about was that she hated me so much,” she concluded. “I knew people hated me, obviously, but I didn’t know someone would go to the extent of physical violence, so that was quite scary for me.”

We can’t even imagine how traumatizing this experience must’ve been for her. Stay strong, Sally Jo!

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