Beauty Guru Sally Jo and Longtime Boyfriend Tama Simanke Break Up

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What the heck is going on with YouTube couples lately?? Just this weekend LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi revealed that they split after dating for three years, and now beauty guru Sally Jo announced that she and longtime boyfriend Tama Simanke decided to break up, too.

The 24-year-old YouTuber did what they all do to inform her subscribers of the split — posted an emotional video titled “Update (we broke up)” on her YT channel. But the news didn’t end there. As it turns out, the New Zealand-based couple actually broke up in FEBRUARY, which was seven months ago. She waited so long to make the official announcement because she didn’t want to film a video when she was still upset.

“Tama and I did break up. […] We did actually break up in February, so it was a long time ago,” the blonde explains in the vid. “We sort of started seeing each other again, as often does happen with breakups, but nothing really changed. We gave it a good crack. We definitely gave it all the chances that it could have and it didn’t really work out.”

SJ confirms that there was no cheating involved and the pair decided to break up after almost five years of dating because they “grew into different people.”

Tama also commented on the breakup, posting a few pictures of himself and Sally Jo throughout the relationship on Instagram and writing a sweet caption about their time together.

He wrote, “Most of you would have probably seen Sally’s video already but if you haven’t, we decided to end things. She has been my other half for nearly 5 years and my best friend for over 10 but unfortunately we both need to go our separate ways. Will always be a special part of my life and wish her the best with everything.”

There are no hard feelings between Sally Jo and Tama and we wish them both nothing but the best.