11 Amazing YA Books That’ll Make You Cry — Just Like The Fault in Our Stars Did

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We all remember what it was like when we read THAT part in The Fault in Our Stars — you know which part I’m talking about. You know a book is a good when it’s been days and you still can’t stop crying over it. We don’t know why, but we just love depressing, heartbreaking stories. Maybe it’s because you need to escape into another world and focus on someone else’s problems. Maybe it’s because sometimes you just need a good long cry.

Next time you’re craving a tearjerker, you don’t need to pick up The Fault in Our Stars for the hundredth time — because, lucky for us, there are TONS of other YA books out there that will give you just as many feels. You might want to break out the tissues, because here are some books that will make you cry just as much as TFiOS did: