All the Details on Sabrina Carpenter’s Return to Television on So Close

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After a couple of years of pursuing music full time, Sabrina Carpenter is finally returning to television. Even though the news has just been revealed, we can already know we’re gonna love the singer’s next comedy gig titled So Close.

According to Deadline, the NBC sitcom centers on “hopeless romantics Riley & Kyle. At crossroads in their separate lives, they are close to settling for the wrong partner, unaware that they live only blocks apart and may be each other’s soulmates.” So, where does Sabrina fit into all of this, you ask?

Well, the 18-year-old will play a character named Jessica on the pilot. Her character is described as sweet and adorable, but also as someone who is always shocking people with the “crazy and confusing things that come out of her mouth.”

Not only is Sabrina’s character similar to her in the sweet and adorable way, Jessica is also said to have a great relationship with her two roommates, Kyle and Sebastian. Now, is it just us or is this show starting to have a New Girl meets How I Met Your Mother vibe? Well, hey, if that’s what this show is gonna be, our DVRs ready.

A brand-new TV show isn’t the only thing keeping this Girl Meets World alum busy these days — the talented superstar has also been working on her music career. In addition to releasing two singles last year, including the song “Why,” and going on tour, Sabrina has also been working on her upcoming album, which she refers to as SC3.

At the end of last year, S opened up a little bit about her new music. “I’m honestly- I’m getting very excited,” Sabrina said. “That’s all I keep saying because I feel like, over the past year, I feel like there’s been quite a change in my music and my growth.”
Well, if Sabrina is thinking of releasing her album around the same time her new sitcom premieres, we’ll be ready.