Sabrina Carpenter Just Did Something She’s Never Done in a Music Video Before

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Sabrina Carpenter is a very talented girl. Not only is she one of the stars of Girl Meets World, where she plays Maya Hart, but the actress has a crazy, good voice. She’s already had one album, Eyes Wide Open, which debuted in April 2015, and now she’s back with new music and we’re more than a little excited over here. This time around, however, her music is far more intense, and that has a little bit to do with romance. Plus, she’s doing something she’s NEVER done before in her upcoming music video. Squee!

Now that Sabrina’s released the first single off her sophomore album, “Smoke and Fire,” we had a chance to catch up with her and talk all about the fresh compilation and where the single’s inspiration really came from. Apparently, after breaking up with Good Luck Charlie‘s Bradley Steven Perry in 2015, the 16-year-old star was inspired, not just by her relationship, but by the process of moving on.

She told us, “I say it’s mostly about the feelings after the relationship comes to an end and how you deal with that more so than the actual relationship itself. This song doesn’t dip so much into the personal relationship as much as it does just the feelings. And also the fact that people talk and people start rumors and spread gossip all around especially when something like that happens because only you only know the truth. So I think it was cool to write the song from that perspective of I know the truth and what happened on my side.”

After dealing with a public breakup, Sabrina knows what it takes to move on and start living your own life again. She explained that she’s a fan of ice cream like the next girl, but there’s a point in time when you need to get up and move forward, so take notes on how to get over your former flame now. “Honestly, the song itself being such a strong song — you know what I’m talking about — it’s very powerful, I think that helps itself. That’s just a symbol of how you should deal with a breakup. You can cry for a little bit, eat some ice cream, but I think after that it’s like, get up, listen to some powerful music and do something that makes you happy, be productive. Time will heal everything,” Sabrina said.



Lucky for her fans, this split and eventual process of moving forward led to a catchy and totally great tune. In addition to the single, Sabrina has a music video coming out in March for “Smoke and Fire” that will not only be awesome — because she’s great, duh — but also includes a music-video first for the singer. Plus, there’s a little eye candy for all of the fans, too!

“The music video, I wanted it to be something that you wouldn’t expect. I didn’t want it to be smoke and fire, even though that’s the song. I think the song itself, “Smoke and Fire,” is just a metaphor for the feelings that you feel in a relationship. It wasn’t about the literal smoke and fire so much as it is the feeling and the meaning behind that so I wanted to portray that. I have a love interest. This is my first love interest I’ve ever had in a music video. It’s kind of cool because it’s a little bit artistic. There is a ballet theme to it. I think you’re really going to like it. It’s a little bit more mature,” the blonde beauty revealed.

Unlike her music videos and TV career, with singing, the Pennsylvania native gets to tour and perform. In fact, she’s teaming up with Viner turned musician Shawn Mendes this summer for a concert and everyone should be super pumped about it because she definitely is.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

“I’m performing at Show of the Summer, yes. I did Show of the Summer last year with Shawn Mendes and Fifth Harmony, there was a lot of people, Jacob Whitesides, yeah, there were some great acts last year. I’m from Pennsylvania and around Hershey, I grew up going to Hershey Park so I wanted to do the show and once I did it was amazing. So I’m excited to go back this year,” she explained about the concert that will take place on August 20.

Performing alongside Shawn? Sounds like a dream come true! Since Camila Cabello has already had major success by collaborating with the “Stitches” singer, we had to know if Sabrina would ever consider a duet with the musician: “Ah, yeah. He’s very talented. I think it’s really cool because these days I feel like there’s such a rare selection of kids that are my age that are incredibly talented singers, songwriters, musicians and he’s one of the few, so yeah, he’s very talented,” the Adventures in Babysitting star said.

But, even though Shawn is extremely talented, he’s not Sabrina’s dream collaboration. She’s got her eye on an Irish artist who bares a serious resemblance to Jesus. “If it was a guy, I would say Hozier. He’s like music Jesus. He sounds like it and he looks like it. Have you ever seen him? Ya, he kind of looks like Jesus. He’s just a phenomenal artist himself, there’s just so much talent. I saw him live and all he needs is a guitar and himself and he’s literally the definition of an artist,” she gushed.

As for her dream girl collaboration that was no brainer: Adele. The “We’ll Be the Stars” singer has been known for her serious amounts of covers of numerous artists, but Adele is usually her go-to for cover music and she’s even got a new cover coming out soon that is, yep you guessed it, a new Adele song. “I think, I started doing covers when I was… what, like, 9 or 10? I would always do the songs that I wanted to do and the songs that my parents wanted me to do. You would see me cover every Adele, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Then I’d have to do “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Crazy Train” and it was a really weird combination. It also taught me about good music and older music. I’m very lucky; I have a lot of knowledge. My favorite band is The Beatles, so a lot of inspiration for my music comes from them too,” she revealed.

She continued saying, “But covers that I want to do next? I just filmed one that’s not out yet. I did ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele. I’m really excited because I love that song and I hope to perform that live in upcoming shows and stuff.”

Even though we are HUGE fans of her cover work, it’s her upcoming album that has us sitting on the edge of our seat. So what’s the biggest difference between her debut album and her upcoming album? A lot actually, including the fact that she wrote it all!

“The three years in between. That speaks volumes I think. Just all of the life experiences that you go through, maturing as a person, as well as an artist and a writer. This album is 100 percent written by me, where as the first one was 50 percent. I co-wrote half of the [first] album. This one is a lot of my own stories that I’ve been wanting to tell for a while. The sound’s more mature. I think there’s a lot more bops as the kids say. It will be really fun,” Sabrina teased. We cannot wait to hear the whole album!

Until the new album drops sometime this fall, you can listen to her first single off the album here:

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