Like Rowan Blanchard, Another Girl Meets World Star is Open to a Gay Plot!

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At 14 years old, Rowan Blanchard is already breaking down barriers. Not only did the young icon pen an essay about White feminism forgetting all about intersectional feminism, but she also discussed the potential for a bisexual character on her hit Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World. She said she “would really be here for” her character being bi. And, if not Riley, then it’s still very “important to me, being queer, that there is representation on our show.”

And it looks like she’s not the only one, as on- and off-screen BFF Sabrina Carpenter apparently feels the same way. When we spoke to the 16-year-old actress-singer about her new single, “Smoke and Fire,” we also chatted about Rowan’s recent discussion on the potential for a gay plotline on the Disney television series. Her thoughts: “I think our writers are incredible at what they do and they will explore any subject. Every subject that we do, whether it’s a more sensitive subject [or other], we’ve covered some pretty heavy topics on Season 2. We covered God, we covered Communism, we covered belief, we covered families, autism, and families with absent parents. We’ve done that and I think we’ve done it in a tasteful way and in a way that our audience will understand.”

“Our audience is smarter than you think,” she continued. “So I think they’ll be able to handle all of that stuff because it’s real life. We want to help everybody, not just specific types of people.

While there’s nothing currently in the works in regards to delving into the LGBTQ community, Sabrina did speak about what’s going on with her now-freshman character, Maya, on the show. “She’s short and she hasn’t grown in years,” she explained. “She’s got her friends and she’ll be good as long as she has her friends. We’re going through a lot. We just started and we’re on our third episode and so far there’s a lot of confusion, which is normal for kids our age.”

Long live GMW!

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