YouTube Star Ryland Adams Finally Speaks Out About His Nude-Photo Leak

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It’s been just under three months since Shane Dawson‘s boyfriend, Ryland Adams, had his nude pictures leaked after someone hacked his Snapchat account. Besides tweeting that he knew what was happening at the time, the 26-year-old hasn’t spoken publicly about the hack…until now, that is. Here’s what happened:

The ClevverTV host had just gotten on a flight to Seattle when his phone started blowing up with the disturbing news. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do because the hacker changed the phone number associated with the account and he was completely locked out. Ryland eventually gained back control of his Snapchat and decided not to discuss the incident too much so that the uproar would die down on its own. He was understandably upset when he realized his nudes that were supposed to only be seen by the 29-year-old were all over the Internet, but said he could “live with that” because he “thought [he] looked fine” in the pictures.

He explained, “What I did later find out is that he had access to photos inside my Snapchat. […] What had happened was, I had actually taken a few nudes when Shane was on his book tour. […] I didn’t know it was there.”

Ryland handled the leak about as well as a person could, but, as he said, the entire thing is just so effed up and a total violation of privacy. Celebs deserve respect, too, people! Here’s the full video of his side of the story:

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