Caption This Funny Photo of Ryan Lochte!

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Here it is, folks. Picture proof that even hot celebrities, like Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte, can look like absolute morons not-so-sexy sometimes. And since the 2012 Olympics comes to an end today, this may be the last time we see his face for 4 years (unless the whole reality TV show thing ends up happening. Or Dancing with the Stars. Or LOCHTv. #JK). So here’s how we want you to remember the heartthrob Olympian:


Can you say, “Derp?” Ha! But while we laugh internally — OK, and out loud — at his expense, we wanna know what you think’s going on here exactly. He’s all like, “Whaddup? Jeah, I know!” or “Hell yeah, I know I’m attractive.” In our minds, anyway. Now, it’s your turn to leave your best Ryan-Lochte lines in the comments.

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