The Punishment is in for the YouTuber Arrested for Playing Pokémon GO

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When YouTube star Ruslan Sokolovsky was arrested in September 2016 for playing Pokémon GO in a Russian Orthodox church, he faced up to seven years in jail if he was found guilty of “inciting religious hatred” and “offending religious sensibilities.” We know — crazy! The 22-year-old went on trial a couple months ago and said he “didn’t aim to offend anyone,” but could ultimately just wait for the judge to decide his fate.

A Yekaterinburg, Russia, court convicted the YouTuber of the charges, but only give him a 3.5 year suspended sentence. This basically means he will NOT be doing any jail time, but rather be on somewhat of probation for the allotted time frame.

“In general, I’m glad that I remain free,” Ruslan told a Russian news organization.

The social-media star was also ordered to delete all videos that could be viewed as insulting and banned from taking part in any “mass events” in the future.

Reuters reports that Ruslan couldn’t help by make a snide comment after his sentencing, telling reporters, “I’m content. I won’t play Pokemon [anymore]; it’s already out of fashion.”

While the man was once on house arrest while awaiting trial, he was transferred to a detention center in late October 2016 after his girlfriend visited him on his birthday, which was a violation of the rules. So even though Ruslan isn’t going to be a “free” man for the next three years, his punishment probably seems pretty darn great in comparison to what he’s been facing for the past months.

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