Harry Potter Star Owes Over $1 Million, Thanks to Bad Advice from Own Father

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Life after Harry Potter doesn’t seem to be going very well for one particular star. While Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson have gone on to hold spectacular careers after their life-changing roles in the eight-movie franchise, the third part of the famous trio, Rupert Grint, has been flailing. The 27-year-old starred in a few unheard-of films, was the lead in the failed pilot Super Clyde and, now, owes big bucks to the government.

According to E! News, the redheaded actor recently lost a tax-refund case, and has to shell out $1.3 million. The judge said Rupert “followed advice from tax advisers Clay & Associates to change his accounting date so that 20 months of income would be taxed in 2009-2010. This prevented 8 months worth of income from being taxed in the 2010-2011 year, during which the top rate of tax rose from 40% to 50%.” Apparently, “the date change would result in 10% saving on his income income or $1.3 million.” Thus, the huge chunk of change he owes.

Rupert claimed that his knowledge of his financial affairs was “quite limited” and “he placed his faith in his father and accountants to deal with his financial affairs.”

Don’t feel too sorry for the UK native, though — his net worth is still about a cool $50 million.
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