10 Facts You Need To Know About Batwoman Herself, Ruby Rose

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As if we weren’t already fans of Ruby Rose, we love her more than ever now that we know she’ll be starring as Batwoman on the new CW series about the superhero! We honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing the role as flawlessly as the Australian beauty; she legit is the perfect person to play the LGBTQ+superhero and we’re sure the show will be a hit.

In the past few years, the 32-year-old has quickly risen to stardom. Although she originally got her start in modeling, her career has transformed into a much bigger path. She is also an actor and singer. Who could forget her character in Pitch Perfect 3? What about her iconic role on Orange is the New Black? Truly iconic.

So although we have to wait a little bit before we can see RR starring as Batwoman, we’re using the time to brush up on our knowledge about the starlet. Want to know more about this queen? Here are 10 facts: