Who’s Roxane Mesquida? The Girl Who Might Ruin Blair’s Wedding on Gossip Girl, That’s Who

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You didn’t think Blair’s impending wedding to Prince Louis would go off without a hitch, did ya? Of course not! This is Gossip Girl we’re talking about, people! And now, thanks to TVLine.com, we know who’s going to cause problems for the Upper East Side’s wedding of the century. And no, it’s not Chuck, or Serena, or even Little J…


It’s Roxane Mesquida! The model/actress will play Prince Louis’ sister on upcoming episodes of GG who’s not so happy about him marrying Blair. Not much else is known about her princess character yet, but expect lots and lots of sabotage. Yes.

The fifth season of Gossip Girl premieres Monday, September 27 at 8! Are you excited?