The Disney Channel Feud You Never Expected is Happening As We Speak

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We are getting severe flashbacks to the Miley Cyrus-Selena Gomez drama that was totally a thing in the mid-2000s right now! If Twitter was as popular as it is now back then, then we would have definitely seen the Disney Channel showdown in our feed. But while the Miley-Selena drama never made its way to social media, two of today’s biggest DC stars are taking their problems straight to the Internet; Rowan Blanchard and G. Hannelius are in the middle of an epic Twitter showdown as we speak!

Before we get too ahead of ourselves here, let us explain. The Disney brawl first started after the Girl Meets World actress posted a cute snapshot of herself sipping on an iced coffee to get her through the Monday blues.

Shamelessly* poses with decaf coffee in public place *=shamefully

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It seems harmless enough, right? Heck, we’ve all been there! Wrong! Apparently, Rowan’s Bernie Sanders t-shirt inspired the Dog With a Blog star to fire back with some qualms she has with the 14-year-old brunette’s political views. In a tweet that was later deleted, G. gave a shady shoutout to her fellow Disney star:

Shots fired! Seemingly out of the loop of her own fight, Rowan later logged on to Twitter and said…

…followed by an interesting choice of a retweet.

The 17-year-old Boston native then took to Twitter to say:

Hmmm, kind of ironic since she was the one giving the very unsolicited advice that she speaks of.

Whether the Disney Channel police intervened to seize fire from both ends, or the girls decided to let the banter fizzle out, all has been quiet on the Twitter front since then.

Can you believe the Disney Channel War? Are you Team Rowan or Team G? Weigh in your thoughts in the comments below!

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