Why Ross Lynch’s Valentine’s Day Plans Won’t Include Girlfriend Courtney Eaton

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Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with your loved one(s). At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. However, since February 14 is not a national holiday or anything, it’s not always a convenient date for everyone to celebrate on. Sometimes, things like work, family, school, life, etc. simply get in the way. Ross Lynch knows the feeling.

While chatting with the 20-year-old actor/singer about his upcoming animated film, Snowtime!, we wouldn’t help but ask the Disney Channel alum about his V-Day plans. Considering how cute his relationship with girlfriend Courtney Eaton is — she’s even in R5‘s “All Night” music video! — we figured that they’d be spending the day together in coupled-up bliss. But, sadly, we were wrong…

Ross told us, “Courtney was thinking about flying out for a few days to the tour. Courtney’s my girlfriend.” Unfortunately, “she had a few things to do; a few work things came up, so she can’t come anymore.” (Remember, she’s starring in Gods of Egypt, which hits theaters this month.)

What now? “I guess I’ll be all by my lonesome. Maybe flying anyone out… No, I’m just kidding.”

Though the twosome won’t be together for the holiday, we still pressed him for more. When asked if he considers himself a romantic guy, he answered, “I did for a while. I’m not too romantic in the way of making gestures towards a loved one.”

Instead, “I’m more romantic in the thought process. Like, I romanticize about love, I romanticize about things in life.” D’aw.

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Original reporting done by Johnni Macke.

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