The Item the Lynches Fought Over as Kids + More from the Snowtime! Star

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Attention, Ross Lynch fans — the 20-year-old actor is coming to the big screen! Okay, so technically an animated character named Piers, played by Ross, is coming to a theater near you, but that’s kind of the same thing, and it’s just as awesome. The Austin & Ally star is going cartoon in the new film Snowtime!, which hits theaters February 26. The movie is about a group of friends who have a snowball war all winter break and it’s both funny and heartbreaking at times; a definite must-see for all your snow lovers out there.

And, fortunately for you, we caught up with the R5 singer and talked all about his new movie and what it was like growing up in Colorado with all that snow. Plus, Ross revealed what kind of forts and snowball fights he had with his siblings as a kid. The Lynch kids and their snow adventures almost rival those of the kids in Snowtime!. Read on to see for yourself who had better fort-building skills — the cartoon characters or Ross and his brothers and sister:

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This was your first big animated movie role, and it was awesome. What’s the biggest difference between filming Teen Beach, which is live and on camera and doing voice-overs for an animated movie?

“Well it’s a massive difference. I think the only thing that relates between the two is your speaking voice. Besides that it’s a very different environment. An animated film, especially doing one like this, the animation was already done, so I had to match the animation. Rather than the other way around where I would record all the dialog and then they’d match it. For this particular project I was obviously in the studio all day. I was matching the dialog and we just knocked it out, scene after scene. Where as on Teen Beach Movie, you go through hair and makeup. You’re on a set that is flowing and there are a lot of different factors happening around you. It’s very much of a team effort. Where like, we’ll do this scene and the crew will set up the next scene. You’re worried about your characters intention in the scene and all these other acting, random stuff.”

“In animation it’s really just about how you think that character would say that one thing at that time. I think it’s very different, but I think the two actually help each other out. I think if I continue to do animation it will help me in the long run as an actor and vice versa. It was really fun, I really enjoyed doing Snowtime!.”

You play Piers, who has an adorable connection with his dog, Cleo. Are you a dog lover yourself?

“I do love animals actually. I don’t actually have any household pets, but I’ve always loved animals. I’ve loved dogs. I always freak when I hangout with them.”

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The fort in the movie is pretty impressive. Growing up did you ever build a fort of your own?

“Ya! We’re from Colorado so there is a lot of snow there and we used to build all sorts of forts. We used to have fort building competitions of some sorts. We’d have snowball fights and eventually crush the other person’s fort because we probably got agitated or something. We used to do all sorts of stuff like that back in the day.”

The movie is about the boys engaging in a (snowball) fight. Growing up as one of four boys, did you ever get into similar snowball fights?

“I’d say every winter when we were growing up, we would at least have a few. It wasn’t a daily thing, because there are so many activities to do in the snow. Like we would go snowboarding. We’d play a crap ton of hockey and just movie watching is big when it the weather outside is too cold. So ya, we would definitely do it a few times a winter.”

Instagram (@rossr5)

Instagram (@rossr5)

What were your biggest non-snowball fights about growing up?

“We’ve always been somewhat of the same size growing up, especially me and Ryland. So when we’d go snowboarding we’d be like, ‘I call those snow pants,’ like the newer, nicer pair and then you’d be like, ‘no those are mine.’  That would probably be the only thing, comfort in the extreme cold Colorado weather.”

Instagram (@rossr5)

Instagram (@rossr5)

Lastly, what are you looking forward to most about the next few months?

“I’ll tell you one thing I’m excited for though. I’m excited to go see Snowtime! I hope that I can find a theater in a major city to see it. I’m excited to see it. I never got to see the final product with my voice in it so that’ll be cool.”

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