33 Dirty Tweets to Ross Lynch that Prove R5 Fans Aren’t as Innocent as They Look

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R5 fans may look innocent on the outside, but as we’ve seen before, even the most wholesome-looking people can take on a completely different, and MUCH more inappropriate, person on the Internet. Let’s just say…even though Ross Lynch is the youngest member of the band, it seems that the #R5Family DGAF. Like, at all.

When we chatted with the group a few months ago, Rydel and Ellington revealed that they’re pretty used to getting called ‘mom and dad’ regularly, but who knew Ross Lynch is also on the receiving end of ~interesting~ tweets? ‘Cause he sure AF is, people! For example…

1. Literally, WTF?!

2. OUCH!

3. And there it is.

4. Never heard that one before!

5. There are so many things wrong here it’s hard to process.

6. Started normal, ended nasty.

7. Drug smuggler?!

8. Umm…

9. You can’t ask people that!

10. NOPE!

11. At least this is a compliment…

12. Can he?

13. Oh boy!

14. Two words that aren’t usually in the sentence together…

15. WELP!

16. Don’t ask a stranger this!!

17. DMing won’t help.

18. Wowza.

19. Guess Ashton Irwin’s not the only one who deals with this

20. But why!?

21. NO NO NO!

22. Sorry, what?

23. This doesn’t even really make sense, but the general idea is still nasty.

24. Or don’t.

25. *covers eyes*

26. Did you, though?


28. Doubt that.

29. Welp.


31. Okayyyy.

32. Don’t think he’s laughing…

33. #SorryNotSorry

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