Ross Lynch and Longtime Girlfriend Courtney Eaton Break Up

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Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton kept their relationship on the DL for quite some time before going public in September 2015, but have been pretty open ever since. Yesterday, however, W magazine posted an interview with the former Austin & Ally star that referred the brunette beauty as his “then-girlfriend,” sparking rumors that the the pair decided to go their separate ways. Unfortunately, JustJaredJr. confirms that Ross and Courtney did, in fact, break up recently.

We aren’t sure when exactly the former couple called it quits, but we do know that their last social media interaction was in July.

shes ?. Her hearts even better.

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Also in July, the R5 frontman defended the Australian actress from trolls online who reported all of their pictures together in an attempt to have them removed permanently from social media.

“There are somethings in this world that are just not worth worrying about,” Ross told a fan. “Courtney knows how much she means to me and that’s that.

Some diehard members of the R5Family began to question Rourtney’s relationship status a couple weeks ago, however, after the 21-year-old gave a strange answer about his love life.

“What’s my relationship status right now? I don’t know,” he said on Entertainment Tonight Live. “I mean, yeah I do know, but I don’t know. I’m just going to put it at that.”

We chatted with Ross just before Valentine’s Day 2016 and asked about his relationship with Courtney. While the pair unfortunately couldn’t be together due to their hectic work schedules, the blond assured us he would do SOMETHING nice for his love.

He explained, “I’m not too romantic in the way of making gestures towards a loved one; I’m more romantic in the thought process. Like, I romanticize about love, I romanticize about things in life”