17 Hardcore NSFW Tweets Fans Sent to 13 Reasons Why‘s Ross Butler

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If you’ve already spent hours on end watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why (and LBR, who hasn’t?), you’re probably well aware of the fact that Bryce and Monty are absolute TRASH. While there are characters on the show we can’t even look at without getting totally grossed out, others, like Zach Dempsey, have our whole heart.

The character of Zach is played by none other than Ross Butler, and it seems like as the episodes go on, he gets more and more attractive. Come on… don’t act like you haven’t noticed! Of course, since he’s such a babe, fans are going absolutely crazy over him and they’re letting him know it. Sometimes, the tweets even get a little, well, raunchy. If you think we’re kidding, keep scrollin’!