The Casting Secrets You Need to Know About 13 Reasons Why‘s Ross Butler

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13 Reasons Why is all anyone can talk about at the moment. Season 2 was released at the end of last week, and we’re fairly certain most fans of the Netflix series finished the newest 13 episodes by Sunday night. (We know we certainly did.) And, while we could certainly pick apart each episode, piece-by-piece, today, there’s only one thing we’d like to talk about: Ross Butler.

The 28-year-old, Asian-American actor, who portrays Zach Dempsey on the drama, quickly became a fan-favorite as more and more of his character’s backstory was revealed. We’re not gonna say he wasn’t problematic, because he totally was, but you end up feeling for the guy… at least a little bit.

’cause Ross did such a great job with the part, we started wondering about all of his casting secrets. Like, we know we looked at the casting secrets for 13 Reasons Why, as a show, but we wanted to know about the K.C. Undercover/Teen Wolf/Riverdale alum, specifically. NGL, these are pretty darn juicy: