10 Things To Know About The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘s Rooney Mara

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Rooney Mara‘s life is about to change as dramatically as her new look, and we’re here to introduce you to this soon-to-be mega-star! You might remember her as Erica Albright in The Social Network, or you might not. But now, Rooney is now playing Lisbeth Salander in the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And here’s all you need to know about TGWTDR‘s leading lady!

1. Rooney’s real name is Patricia, but she goes by her mother’s maiden name, Rooney. Wonder if she likes the band, too.

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2. Rooney graduated from New York University (smarty pants!) in 2010 and caught the acting bug from her older sister, Kate Mara, while she was enrolled there.

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3. Rooney made her film debut in 2005 in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Her sister was in the movie, too!

4. The sisters both appeared in Oscar nominated films for 2011. Rooney had a small (but important!) part in The Social Network and Kate was in 127 Hours with James Franco.

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5. And on TSN set is where Rooney met director David Fincher, who thought she would make the perfect Lisbeth Salander for TGWTDT. She plays a young computer hacker in on the search for a woman who has been missing for 40 years.

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6. Rooney changed her physical appearance dramatically for TGWTDT. She chopped off her gorgeous locks and dyed it pitch black and even shaved the sides. Also, most of those piercings that you see in the trailer and the posters are real. She’s not messing around!

7. Although filming is done, Rooney still hasn’t seen the final cut of her new movie. Word on the street is she wants to watch it for the first time ever with her fans.

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8. Her great-grandfather, Tim Mara, founded the New York Giants, and her other great-grandfather, Art Rooney, founded the Pittsburgh Steelers. Um, wow. Talk about a football dynasty.


9. Her grandfathers aren’t the only ones who founded something. Rooney started her own charity called Face of Kibera, which provides food, housing, and medical aid to orphans in Nairobi.

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10. Rooney definitely won’t be done acting after TGWTDT. Next year, she’ll be filming a movie called Lawless, and will be co-starring next to our boy-toy, Ryan Gosling. We’re jeal too.

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