Romeo Talks Cha Cha-ing with Rihanna and Being BFF with Justin Bieber (Exclusive!)

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A few weeks ago, Romeo kinda-sorta made a promise that if he makes it to the Dancing With The Stars‘ finale, he’ll have a big surprise for Justin Bieber fans. When we got the chance to hang out with Romeo, grilling him about Biebs was all we could think about. Obvs.

Although he didn’t promise us that Biebs will be making an appearance, he might as well have. Oh, and he spilled about crushing on Rihanna. And Taylor Swift. And Selena Gomez. And, well, we’ll stop there.

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Teen.com: Not that your DWTS partner isn’t adorbs, but who would your dream dance partner be?
Romeo: I’ll cha-cha with Rihanna, I’ll tango with Jennifer Lawrence, you know, I’ll waltz with Oprah Winfrey, I’ll do the Paso Doble with Vanessa Hudgens, and I’ll do the rumba with Halle Berry.

Teen.com: If you could pick any song to dance to, what would it be?
Romeo: “My Heart Will Go On”, who sings that? Celine Dion, right? Yeah, that would be my dance so I’m sure any of those women will come dance with me. Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Oprah…whoever’s up for the challenge. You know I’m down.

Teen.com: What have you learned from your time on DWTS?
Romeo: I advise any guy out there, go take a ballroom dance class. I guarantee it’s gonna be 95% girls and nothing you can complain about.

Teen.com: So is the tango your secret to your unbelievable abs?
Romeo: I wouldn’t say it’s my secret but it’s definitely helped me. I had a 6-pack and now I have like a 12-pack.

Teen.com: We need to hear more about this Justin Bieber promise you made…
Romeo: I’ve got a couple of my friends, a lot of my celebrity friends, said they’ve got some prizes for me if I make it to the finale. The Kardashians’ got me, Justin Bieber, Will Smith. I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve so if I make it to the finale, it’s gonna be a good day.

Teen.com: The show has had tons of amazing guests perform this season. Who’s your dream performer?
Romeo: It would definitely have to be Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. And she made a song about me! “Romeo save me,” you know?

Teen.com: Selena performed just a few weeks ago. Were you impressed?
Romeo: A lot of people don’t realize the amazing voice that she has and I think she was able to showcase that. She’s a talented girl and I feel that she’s the most well-rounded young woman for our generation right now – she can sing, she can act, she’s got a great head on her shoulders.

Teen.com: Okay, Romeo, what’s the most “Romeo” thing about you?
Romeo: I’m not a guy who goes for looks first. I love personality, I love smart girls and I feel that a good friendship could last longer than anything. And I love romantic dinners on the beach.