4 Movie Romances That Beat All the Odds

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What if the person you were meant to be with was real — but lives in a different time? That’s exactly the sitch that happens to Michele Windsor in the book Timeless when she travels to the year 1910 and meets the guy of her dreams. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the odds stacked against two people in love. Check out four other moments where romance seemed impossible…

This isn’t just a story about boy meets girl. It’s more like, boy wants to eat girl because she smells so good. But Edward totally resists the urge to kill Bella, and they fall in love. Sigh.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn, Wedding


I Am Number Four
Alex Pettyfer plays an alien who is #4 on a list of 9 that need to be killed. In order. And 1-3 already died. How did this work out??


The Hunger Games
At least for the first book-turned-movie of the franchise, Katniss and Peeta totally don’t have a shot. That is, until the rules of the Games change where two can survive in the most epic fight to the death ever.


The Notebook
If only cell phones existed, Allie and Noah wouldn’t have had to wait seven years to find each other and have that beaut kiss in the rain.

New Line Cinema

Your new fave novel, Timeless, is out now. What’s the #1 couple who defied the odds? Can you think of any other than the ones we mentioned? Leave the titles in the comments!