8 Couples from Romantic-Comedy Movies That Do NOT End Up Together

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Most romantic comedies follow a similar script — One person likes another person, they get together, they break up and then they get back together in the end. We’ve basically come to expect a ~happily ever after~ in almost every movie we see, *especially* if the film in question is a rom-com. But sometimes, screenwriters and directors like to throw audiences for a loop and give them what’s been branded a ‘more realistic’ ending — the main couple calling it quits. We know this is something that we should appreciate, but for us hopeless romantics, it can be really sad and really annoying to devote two OF OUR LIVES to a couple who isn’t even going to be together forever.

If you haven’t already guessed yet, there will be spoilers here. Perhaps knowing the future of the two ill-fated lovers from the start will ease the pain of the heartbreaking ending… OR, if you’re someone who doesn’t love how cookie-cutter perfect Hollywood romances can be, these are movies to def add to your watch list.