YouTube Stars Roman Atwood & Brittney Smith Welcome Baby Over the Weekend

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As Roman Atwood wrote on Twitter, “The wait is finally over” — his third child is here! The YouTube prankster and longtime girlfriend Brittney Smith welcomed a little baby girl to the world on Sunday, July 16. The 34-year-old first let fans know that the 26-year-old was almost ready to give birth by tweeting, “I am so sorry I can’t get today’s vlog up…Brittney is officially in labor!!”

Several hours after Roman wrote that he was by his love’s side as she gave birth, he posted a picture of the brunette holding their new bundle of joy.

Brittney also shared a picture of her daughter, who she says has not yet been named.

The infant joins the couple’s son, Kane, who is 5 years old, and Roman’s child from a previous marriage, 12-year-old Noah.

Roman and Brittney made the exciting pregnancy announcement back in November 2016. The girl took the pregnancy test and got a negative result, but a couple hours later decided to pull it out of the trash just to be sure and was in for a shock — she actually WAS pregnant.

We are SO excited for the YouTubers and can’t wait to find out the little girl’s name!

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