7 Movie & TV Roles Dove Cameron is Absolutely DYING to Play

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We’ll admit, Dove Cameron has been so busy lately that it’s almost impossible to keep track of her roles. Whether she’s co-starring with herself on Liv and Maddie reruns, singing in live musical events like Hairspray Live! and Mamma Mia or releasing feature films like Descendants and Dumplin, her face is all over the place… and we’re not complaining!

If you’re as obsessed with the 21-year-old star as we are, you’re not alone. Far from it, actually. The platinum blonde’s clearly talented and Hollywood is taking note as she follows in the footsteps of so many successful stars. Just like Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez built careers outside of Disney in the generations before her, Dove is setting her sights outside of the iconic channel. And with a jumping-off point like that, there’s no telling where she’ll take her career. She has already released her own music, just like those leading ladies did back in the day.

And just like Hilary post-Lizzie McGuire and Selena post-Wizards of Waverly Place, Dove has so many options in this upcoming phase of her career. The sky’s the limit, and the next few projects she pumps out could be a serious stake in the ground. (She’s already off to a fab start). But instead of letting all that pressure intimidate her, Dove’s embracing it; she’s not one to limit herself or play things safe.

You know how we can tell? Because she’s been extremely vocal in interviews and on social media about the roles she wants to play — and they’re all killer! We’re talking classic characters that span from TV screens to movie theaters to Broadway stages. So what’s going to be added to her IMDb page next? If it were up to Dove, EVERYTHING. This multi-talented beauty’s casting wish list is miles long. Here are seven parts she’s dying to play: