Rocky Lynch Apologizes for Saying Cops Were Outside Dylan O’Brien’s House

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Yesterday, Rocky Lynch caused serious worry among fans when he tweeted that there were allegedly cops outside neighbor Dylan O’Brien‘s house. The musician stayed quiet after posting the since-deleted tweet, which understandably made fans extremely concerned, as they had no idea what was going and could only speculate about what was happening for hours.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure actor jumped on Twitter himself to shut down the story the 23-year-old was claiming and confirmed he is, thankfully, totally fine.

“No idea what this is about,” the 26-year-old tweeted. “I’m fine. Sorry guys. Don’t listen to this [poop emoji].”

Rocky eventually returned to social media and simply said, “Sorry did not mean to cause any havoc. My bad.”

While the R5/Driver Era member said he was sorry last night, he took to Twitter earlier today to issue a more formal apology to Dyl for causing so much commotion about something that ended up not being factual.

“Hey I’d like to apologize to @dylanobrien for my actions yesterday,” he wrote. “I didn’t think anything of it at the time and should have never tweeted that.

The Teen Wolf alum has not yet responded to the musician’s apology.

We aren’t sure what caused Rocky to post that tweet yesterday — Was he joking? Was he misinformed? Was he trying to cause a stir? — But we do know that revealing what could’ve been incredibly private and sensitive information is not okay, especially when he didn’t have all the facts and nothing was confirmed.