Teen.com’s Nominated for a Youth Rock Award! So Obvs, You Should Vote For Us

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Save the date for December 7, 2011 ’cause Teen.com’s up for a Youth Rock Award! Apparently, there are peeps out there who think we’re entertaining — whom we’d obviously agree with — so they nominated us for Rockin’ Youth Entertainment Blog of the Year! We are so honored to be a part of the celebraysh. Especially since stars like Justin Bieber, Ashley Benson, and Taylor Swift are up for awards as well.

But whether we win or lose (…though we wanna win!), we came up with our own awards. And we’re giving them all to ourselves! So here they are, even more reasons you should VOTE FOR US!

Most Shirtless Hottie Pics of Any Website, EVER | VOTE FOR US!

#1 LOL Funny Vids | VOTE FOR US!

Biggest Beliebers/Lovatics/Simpsonizers/Chasters/Victorians/Bellarinas/Zwaggers/

Best Red Carpet Fashion Coverage | VOTE FOR US!

Masters of Abbrevs | VOTE FOR US!

Best Giveaways of All Time | VOTE FOR US!

Most Likely to <3 a Celeb One Moment, Hate ’em the Next | VOTE FOR US!

Most Harsh-But-Totally-Honest Bloggers | VOTE FOR US!

To vote for us as Entertainment Blog of the Year, visit YouthRockAwards.com before December! Didja like the awards names we made up? What other categories would you pick? Think creatively, and then let us know!

VOTE FOR US! (JK…but not really.)