Robyn on Touring With Katy Perry: “The Pressure’s All On Her” (Exclusive Q+A)

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Pop singer Robyn has had us totally hooked since the days when she sang “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What It Takes).” Sure, those songs were from the late ’90s, but Robyn is totally back now in a major way! She recently released a new album called Body Talk (It’s so good!) and she’s going to be touring with Katy Perry all summer. Yes, that Katy Perry. Robyn recently took a break from her awesomely busy life and chatted with us about her summer plans, her new music vid, touring with Katy and tons more!

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Teen: We love your new song “Call Your Girlfriend.” What inspired it?
Robyn: Love and life.

Teen: Fair enough! You’re touring with Katy Perry this summer. What kind of thoughts ran through your mind when you found out that you’d be on the road with her?
Robyn: I was excited that she asked me. It’s cool. She likes what I do and she’s a huge supporter of my music and I was just really happy and thankful that she thought of me cause I’ve never played for her audience.

Teen: Sounds amazing! Your album Body Talk is pretty incredible. Which single do you plan on releasing next?
Robyn: I don’t know! Let’s hope I get to release another single, you know? It all depends on what my audience wants. This album has a lot of singles on it. I have at least five more, if I’m given the chance.

Teen: You definitely should.
Robyn: Maybe “Stars Forever”? I don’t know. It totally depends. People always ask me about singles, but choosing a single is probably one of the most random things that happens throughout an album release. Whether it resonates back to the audience and the radio, you never know. I rarely release singles based on my own decisions.

Teen: OK, and which do you like better: Recording a song in the studio or performing on-stage?
Robyn: I would say both! I think that’s why I love what I do so much – that I get to do both of those things. It’s not separated for me either. It’s one thing. I think about the stage when I’m in the studio and I think about the studio when I’m on stage.

Teen: Your parents were both actors. So, what made you go into singing rather than acting?
Robyn: I don’t know! Does anybody wanna be like their parents?

Teen: Ha. Good point! Let’s talk about your guest stint on Gossip Girl for a sec. What was that like?
Robyn: It was a long day and I was on camera for about 20 minutes. I was mostly in the backstage area having coffee and checking my e-mails and then once in a while I was on set and people were really nice to me. The catering was good. It was a really nice day in New York. We actually sat outside.

Teen: Was it more relaxing than the busy lifestyle you’re used to?
Robyn: Yes, exactly! It’s like being on tour with Katy! There’s no pressure on me. I just go up and do my thing and like, the pressure’s all on her, and it’s the same thing with that. It’s just like one of those more relaxed days.

Teen: Do you have an embarrassing performance story to tell?
Robyn: I performed in front of the Swedish King and fell on my ass — but nobody noticed! My skirt was so big that it just looked like I kind of kneeled a little bit. I was so worried afterwards. I was like, “What did that look like?” Right away I thought, “Oh my God, I’m falling,” and then I just bounced right up. I totally thought that it was gonna look really stupid and you can’t really see it cause my skirt is so wide. It was one of those big ballroom dresses. It sounds like a big thing when you sing it for the King, but really he’s just a guy like everyone else.

Teen.com: Glad to hear you recovered! So we’re sure touring with Katy will be your best summer ever, but what’s been your most memorable summer so far?
Robyn: Probably one of my summers as a kid in the Swedish Archipelago on the west coast where I used to hang out at this singing camp and just sing all summer.

Well, that sounds like what she’ll be doing this summer, too! Have you heard Robyn’s Body Talk album? Are you going to be seeing Robyn and Katy on tour? Sound off in the comments!