What It’s Like to Be the Guy Who Stands Between Aria & Ezra on Pretty Little Liars

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“Anytime I would say to people that I played Aria’s boyfriend on the show,
they would look at me like it was a death sentence.”

The relationship statuses of your all-time favorite Pretty Little Liars couples are all over the place after the 5-year time jump. Lucy Hale told us herself that Ezria, in particular, has “become very close in a very different way this season… It’s a much more mature relationship than they’ve ever had, even though it’s not romantic.”

One of the main reasons why Aria & Ezra, the two beloved characters portrayed by Lucy Hale & Ian Harding, cannot be together (at the moment, anyway) is because “she’s very happy and in love” — with someone else!

While Lucy was unwilling to spill the details about Aria’s mystery man to People at the time, we now know who the guy in question is: his name is Liam, and he’s being portrayed by 26-year-old actor Roberto Aguire… who we just so happened to chat with about his role on the show, what it’s like to stand between Aria & Ezra and how the fans have been reacting to his addition to the series. To learn more about PLL‘s newest hottie, you know what you gotta do:

Vince Trupsin

Vince Trupsin

The 5-year time jump added a major twist to Pretty Little Liars this year. What was it like being thrown into the middle of all the madness?

“It was actually really lucky that I came in after the 5-year jump forward because I did not have to know anything from the previous six seasons of the show. I come in after the girls have lived five ‘A’-free years and they have built these new lives that we get to catch up with. Even though they have all been dealing with their adult worlds, there has not been any typical PLL madness. So, initially, Liam has not been exposed to any of that, until Aria goes back to Rosewood and the madness begins again!”

Did the cast and crew do anything fun to welcome the newest actors? Did anyone in particular help to make the transition easier?

“I really love the PLL table reads! Everyone meets up in this room for lunch, catches up with one another and then we all read the episode. It is almost like a play that you get to participate in before you go off and shoot it. Plus you always have Oliver Goldstick — one of the producers — narrating the episode in the most engaging and fun way. He was the one that helped me the most with my transition, talking to me in depth about the show and the character. It was so amazing to have some like him introduce me to the PLL world in such a detailed and welcoming way!”

Pretty Little Liars can get a little confusing, even for the most diehard fans! Were you familiar with it before you got the role?

“It is so true! I recently saw this chart that was made to show the progression of ‘A’ and everyone’s secrets and no joke, it looks like an equation that would make even Einstein say “Oh my god…” I had never watched the show before, but I had heard about it through family and friends. Everyone has a diehard PLL-er in their family I think. Mine turned out to be my little cousin! The minute she heard I was on the show, she called me to say, “AAAHHHHH,” for a couple of minutes before filling me in on everything I needed to know, including most importantly her favorite liar, which happened to be Aria!”

Every character on PLL always has their own secret. Is there anything you can share about Liam?

“Well, I think that’s the golden rule on PLL — EVERYONE has a secret. Even super sweet assistant editors from Boston. You will just have to wait to find out!”



There’s a lot of action on the show. Has there ever been any on-set accidents while filming, whether it was you or another cast member?

“I can say that Season 6B does not disappoint when it comes to having even more action, but the good news is I never heard of any crazy accidents happening. The stunt coordinators keep a very high level of safety on the show and the more dangerous the stunt, the more precautions are taken to make sure nothing happens. I did see a lot high heels that looked like they were begging for an accident.”

Ezria is one of the most “shipped” couples on the show. Did that add any pressure to portraying your character at all?

“1000 percent! Anytime I would say to people that I played Aria’s boyfriend on the show, they would look at me like it was a death sentence. Haha. It was pretty scary because of the Ezria legacy. But Liam’s not coming in to take that away or replace that. What has developed between him and Aria is completely outside of her past. It is part of the new life that she has created for herself in Boston. I think no one can ever take away the impact and connection that is left by your first love. Ezra and Aria will always be incredibly important to one another… always.”

Be honest, which PLL couple do you ship most?

“I think that is a trick question because I have to vote for Ariam!”

Pretty Little Liars has one of the most diehard fandoms. Have you had any weird or funny fan encounters yet?

“Diehard is putting it lightly! If there was something like the Hunger Games for fans, I am sure the PLL-ers would dominate it. I have not had anything weird happened to me yet, but I’m sure it is coming! It has just been very cool to discover how many of my friends are actually close-lipped closeted PLL fanatics.”

What can fans expect to see as the remainder of the season pans out?

“If I were to say anything more specific than more secrets, more crazy twists and an insane new big bad, the PLL confidentiality chip implanted in my brain would self destruct.”

Switching gears a little bit, you happen to be very close with one of our favorite Harry Potter ladies, Emma Watson. Even though you both have been super busy lately, have you gotten the chance to hang out or catch up with each other?

“Yeah! You always find time to see and talk to your best friends, no matter how busy you are!”



Is there anything else you can share with fans?

“This season of Pretty Little Liars is definitely the craziest by far! You are not going to believe what they are going to put the characters through! I will be live-tweeting a whole bunch of the episodes, so if you have any questions about my time on the show or the cast/crew, feel free to ask me on Twitter!”

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