What Did Robert Pattinson Try to Steal From the ‘Twilight’ Set?

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More often than not, actors like to take little souvenirs from the projects they work on. Whether it’s a piece of wardrobe or some kind of set decoration, they can usually get away with it, but Robert Pattinson had a little something more substantial in mind that he wanted to take away from his Twilight days. Any guesses as to what it was?

Edward’s Volvo! At Monday’s Breaking Dawn — Part 2 premiere in L.A., Rob revealed to reporters that he wanted to take the vampire’s famous wheels with him. “I tried to keep the Volvo. But they didn’t let me have it, so…” That’s too bad, because he sure does make that Volvo look good!


Other stars from the film talked about mementos they took, however, some of them weren’t as successful in being able to snatch a keepsake. Peter Facinelli, who plays patriarch Carlise Cullen, said he took Carlise’s famous ring which “meant a lot” to him, but sadly you can now buy it on Amazon for about $12.99! Taylor Lautner wasn’t as lucky, since he said that he got nothing from the set, and that it “sucks” he wasn’t able to. “They didn’t offer me anything. There are plenty of things I would love to go back for.” Like what?!

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