Is This Girl Responsible for Robert Pattinson’s Split with Kristen Stewart?

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Amid the news that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called it quits after a fight on his 27th birthday, Kristen signed on for a new film. Rob, however, may have other plans in mind beside moving on with a movie.

Reports are suggesting that the Twilight actor’s got something going on with British playwright Polly Stenham. So much so, that their bond is called a ‘potential cause’ for Robsten’s split.

In the picture, you will notice Rob and Polly (the blonde), along with two other friends in early May. Their musician pal Matthew Daniel Siskin (a.k.a. Gambles) posted the shot on Instagram, but deleted soon after posting, leading many to become suspicious.

Do you think there’s something more than just friendship going on between RPattz and Polly? DYT she’s responsible for the Robsten split? Weigh in via the comments below!

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