Tons of Pics of Hot Guys in Water. Just ‘Cause.

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We’re just gonna say it. This weather legit blows! (Where’s the sun?!) But while we could rant about our frozen feet for hours, instead we chose a way better alternative. After watching the behind-the-scenes footage of Darren Criss‘ melt-worthy photoshoot for People magazine — where he’s dripping wet and shirtless! — we came up with this awesome idea: staring at sharing all of these beautiful pictures of hot guys in the ocean. See, you forgot it was frio outside already! So watch the vid of Darren below, then just enjoy everything that follows.

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Nick Jonas
We’re ‘burnin’ up’ (too cheesy?) over Nick Jo’s hot water action.

Zac Efron
So we include Zac in a majority of our Hottie posts. But come on. Can you really blame us?

Pauly D
This is probs the only main reason why we’re looking forward to another season of
Jersey Shore in Seaside…

Robert Pattinson
Uhh, remind us again why weren’t there more water scenes in Twilight?

Andrew Garfield
Spiders may have eight legs, but Spider-man‘s Andrew Garfield has an eight-pac!

Taylor Lautner
Our one complaint? This just happens to be the one time Taylor keeps his shirt on. Not cool.

Justin Bieber
Sorry, ladies. This was the only beach-themed pic where Jelena wasn’t attached at the lips hips.

Ian Somerhalder
Reason #95382357 to be Team Damon!

Diego Boneta
We’re still mad at the PLL creators for getting rid of Diego. Just look at him, guys!

Kellan Lutz
Kellan’s shirtless more than he’s shirted(?). And it never. Gets. Old.

Which water hottie made the biggest splash (alright, we’re done) in your eyes? Is there another gorg guy we didn’t include? Vote for your favorite below, then shout out other sexy waterboys!