14 Girls Robert Pattinson Has Supposedly Dated Throughout His Career

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When the Twilight movies were at their peak, so was Robert Pattinson‘s fame. And, although he’s managed to fly under the radar (for the most part) in the years following his very public and heartbreaking split with Kristen Stewart, we still kept our eyes glued to the star… especially when it came to his love life.

For a while, it seemed like Rob found his soulmate in singer FKA Twigs, but after the couple broke off their engagement in October of last year, it became clear that she simply wasn’t the one. However, these days it seems like our favorite vampire has moved on, and this time with actress Suki Waterhouse. NGL, we’re already shipping this couple hardcore, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look back at all of the lucky ladies who’ve, quote-unquote, dated RPattz in the past. Shall we?