Rob Pattinson Calls Breaking Dawn a “Horror Movie” and We Are So There

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The other day we pulled out our fave Breaking Dawn tidbit from Robert Pattinson’s Entertainment Weekly interview but, oh wait, there’s more. Lots more. Rob obvs couldn’t give away any spoilers, but he did reveal why it’s going to be really difficult to make the flick PG-13…

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On the sexiness of Breaking Dawn: There’s some interesting and weird stuff going on- very, very, very strange. It’s great. For a big mainstream movie, it’s the most obscure storyline and really outside the box. It’s a horror movie. I’ve seen a few bits, and I just can’t see how it’s going to be PG-13… unless they cut everything out.

On life after Twilight: It’s funny how it’s ending in 2012. This is how the world will end. But, um, I don’t know. I think most of people’s recognition is based on the magazines and stuff. All the gossip stories won’t work- they’re always combined with Twilight, so once that’s done and it can’t be combined with the promotion of the film, I think it will end. Because I have an obscenely boring life.”

On his future movie roles: I think people have an incredibly short shelf life, and you can never really predict what an audience wants or how to maintain a career, other than doing what you think is cool. Generally, what I think is cool is whatever everybody else hates. And the bigger and bigger you get, it’s quite difficult to break out of stuff. When you’ve been playing the same part, you can’t suddenly start playing it differently. It takes away a little bit of the creative kind of..urge.

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