Beyonce’s Hair Caught in a Fan After Hanging Out with Robert Pattinson

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Facebook (Death Grips)

Facebook (Death Grips)

Filed under Headlines We Never Thought We’d Write, let’s start from the latter end of the sentence, shall we?

On Sunday, Robert Pattinson pulled the ‘celebrity’ card and went backstage of Beyonce‘s concert in Los Angeles, and snapped a picture with Mrs. Carter herself, along with hip-hop group Death Grips. The photo on the left is evidence of the magic. Look how happy Robonce (uh huh, we made that up) looks!

The following day, Bey experienced a bout of bad luck as her hair got caught in a wind machine during her performance of “Halo” at her Montreal show! Thankfully, Queen Bey wasn’t physically harmed, and continued on with her performance like the pro that she is while her bodyguard attended to her locks. Further proving her awesomeness, she shared a fan’s video of the incident on her Instagram, and even took a photo of rewritten “Halo” lyrics that read as follows: “I felt my hair was yankiiiiiiin, from the fan that’s always hatiiiiiin.”

She is truly an amazing woman. What do you think of the fan incident, and how Beyonce handled it? How cool is it that she and Robert Pattinson hung out? Go ahead, tell us your thoughts!

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