11 Times Rob Kardashian Dissed a Member of His Own Family

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Rob Kardashian used to be cute, funny, AND super-tight with his star-studded fam. But lately, he’s been kind of a jerk… to everyone, including his siblings. The 29-year-old has been struggling with various mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression, for the past few years now, and unfortunately his illness caused him to do things that were extremely inappropriate and totally uncool.

The KarJenner Klan is extremely close and truly believes that family comes before everything, so they always forgive their brother for his effed-up actions. But seeing as Rob is now notorious for going on borderline-psycho, diss-drenched social media rampages that are usually directed toward those he is related to, we don’t know how much longer they’ll be able to forgive and forget. Scroll down to view a slideshow of all the times he dissed his fam PUBLICLY and without an ounce of shame. #Rude.