13 Women Who Have Been Romantically Involved with Rob Kardashian

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So much has changed for Rob Kardashian since the series premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ten years ago. You’re probably thinking, duh, it’s been a decade — but hear us out. The 30-year-old reality TV star has been through enough drama to last a lifetime, even if you cut all of his sisters out of the mix.

It all began with Rob’s 2012 breakup with British singer Rita Ora. The Kardashian bro took to Twitter to call the “Your Song” crooner out for cheating on him with “more than 20 dudes.” Whether that’s true or not, he disappeared from the spotlight for quite some time after this. People started speculating that it was because he had gained a lot of weight, and he only furthered this rumor when he made a rare appearance on KUWTK and said, “This whole year […] all I did was gain 40 f*cking pounds and lose so much money.”

After going so far as to miss Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, the only Kardashian boy started dating Blac Chyna and finally came out of hiding in 2016. What followed in the next year was an engagement, multiple breakups and makeups, and a freaking baby, Dream Renee. But while Rob has experienced change after change, there’s one thing that has remained constant over the last decade — his dating life. As in, he dates a lot.

Most people can rattle off Kim’s past relationships off the top of their heads, and we’ve even got dating timelines for the Jenner sisters, who seem to like seeing rappers and athletes as much as their older sisters. But what tends to be forgotten is that RK’s also got a steady string of significant others to his name. We’ve rounded up all the girls he was with (rumored and confirmed), and we guarantee they’ll surprise you.