YouTuber’s Dad Contemplated Suicide After His Son Came Out as Gay

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When YouTubers publicly come out on their channels, their sexuality is usually the main cause for any shock. But in the case of gay YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf’s coming-out-story video, it was actually his father’s news that made everyone’s jaws drop.

While the Irishman has been openly gay for many years now, he wanted to share the story of how he told his parents that he was attracted to men. Riyadh actually tearfully came out to his mom first, but kept the secret from his dad, Sam, for nine months because “was brought up in Iraq with a completely different culture that can sometimes be a little bit close-minded” and was “trying to protect” himself.

Although the YT star tried his best to hide his sexuality from his father, the tension eventually got to be too much and his mom said, “This can’t go on any longer; you have to say it to him now.” Riyadh says he was “absolutely paralyzed, physically and verbally,” and had to write the words on a piece of paper. His father wasn’t expecting the news, and the whole family knew the immediately aftermath of the reveal was “tough” for him. But what the Dublin-born man and his mother DIDN’T know is that his father actually contemplated killing himself that very night.

“Thinking about it now, it’s stupid. I actually got up that night when you all when to sleep… and I was looking for a tablet to commit suicide. It was so stupid.”

Whoa. As expected, the tears from all three members of the family began flowing immediately, as they tried to process the heartbreaking news. But luckily, as Riyadh says, his dad immensely regrets what could have happened and is now the “best dad in the f*cking world.”

“If we can go from where we were to where we are now, which is just a completely different place, then you can, too,” Riyadh finished.


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