One of Your Favorite Gay YouTube Stars Was Broken Up with for Being “Ugly”

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Breakups are tough to deal with no matter what, but they’re even harder to handle when both parties aren’t on the same page. Gay YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf recently tweeted, “The difference between having your heart broken at 15 or at 25 is vast. At 25 it’s sh*tter. But hey, gin and Netflix,” promting his followers to ask what was going on. Well, the YouTube star finally explained the story behind his broken heart and NGL, we’re hurting for him.

About three months ago, Riyadh met a guy on a dating app who he really liked and wanted to get to know. After their first date, they spent five consecutive days together, and in his head, everything was going great. But then he noticed that the man he’s calling Ben started to get a little distant, and he decided to call him out on it while they were at dinner a few days ago. Unfortunately, he did not get the response he was hoping for.

“The last couple of times I’ve seen you, I don’t feel drawn to you,” Ben told him. “I just don’t feel with you the way I felt with my ex, and I don’t feel with you what I felt at the start.”

After some more prying by the YouTube star, he finally realized what the man was trying to say — “I’m not attracted to you anymore sexually.”

“That’s hard to hear,” the Irishman said. “When you hear that, what you then transform that into is, ‘Riyadh, you’re ugly you’re ugly you’re ugly.'”

Even though Ben’s words were harsh, Riyadh is glad that he was honest.

“He didn’t have to be that honest. He could’ve ghosted me and texted me on and off and left be to be guessing and wondering why he has left, but he didn’t.”

But that didn’t stop the Internet sensation from getting his feelings extremely hurt. In fact, he ended up breaking down in front of his S.O. despite trying his hardest to keep it together.

“I just burst out crying; like, ugly crying.”

You can watch the 25-year-old’s entire video here:


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