8 Riverdale, Season 3 Fan Theories That are Shocking, But Genius

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It’s been three months since the epic Riverdale, season 2 finale aired and fans are still reeling from all of the bombshells. The premiere date for season 3 is getting closer and closer, and we’ve been counting down the days until we finally get some answers. But if you’re anything like us, patience is not an easy feat. Who’s the other Black Hood? What’s up with these new characters? And WTF is “the farm?”

Some detective-like fans might have the answers. Although their predictions are unconfirmed, they make a lot of sense. We’ll have to wait until Oct. 9 to find out if they’re right, but for now, read up on all of the shocking Riverdale, season 3 fan theories and see if you can come up with any of your own.