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The Riverdale Twitter Account May’ve Just Revealed a MAJOR Spoiler?!

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We have been without a new Riverdale episode for 133 days (not that we’re counting or anything). Ugh! Thankfully, we now only have to wait 19 more days until Season 2 finally starts, and we get some answers to some of the show’s most pressing questions that we were left with at the end of Season 1. We’ve been itching to know what’s going to happen to the gang, especially since Jughead (Cole Sprouse) moved to Southside on the season finale.

Of course, more urgently than Jughead’s move is Fred Andrews’ fate, which is still unknown! After the initial shock of seeing him get shot by a masked gunman on the finale wore off, we started to freak out about the possibility that the only good parent in Riverdale may be dead.

Although the cast has been pretty tight-lipped about the situation, we had a bad feeling about what was going to happen to Fred when the Season 2 trailer was released. Not only was it obvious that S2 will be much darker than the first season, but there was absolutely NO sign of Fred being out of the hospital. Even Jughead’s narration made us assume that Archie would be left without a dad.

Mix that in with the fact that Madchen Amick, who plays Alice Cooper, posted a picture to Instagram of the whole cast doing a table read for the first three episodes, with Luke Perry, who plays Fred, nowhere to be found. Upon seeing that photo, we felt like it was all but confirmed that Fred is dead:

But despite all the seeming hints that Fred is, indeed, dead, we might’ve just accidentally been given a major spoiler that points to the contrary…

Earlier this week, the official Riverdale Twitter account posted a video montage of Fred and Archie’s relationship throughout S1, with the caption, β€œThere’s a special bond between father and son. See Luke Perry in #Riverdale, returning October 11 on The CW.”

Ummmm, did Riverdale just confirm that Fred is alive with that tweet?! We think so, and so do tons of fans! The fact that they are promoting Luke Perry specifically AND saying that he is returning is making us believe that Fred will survive the gunshot after all.

Almost every reply to the tweet is some variation of, “Does this mean Fred is alive?!” and we are right there with them. We are literally counting the days until we finally discover the truth behind the attack and get some confirmation on Fred’s health.