The Top 5 Fan Theories Surrounding Jason Blossom’s Death on Riverdale

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The CW’s newest and most mysterious sexy new teen drama, Riverdale, is only seven episodes deep into its first season, but there have already been wild fan pairings, ideas and theories about who killed Jason Blossom. The orangey-redhead’s death has been the driving force behind the series so far and, if viewers are lucky, the killer (or, let’s be honest, killers) will be revealed by the end of the season.

Until then, though, fans are likely more than ready to figure out who killed Jason on their own, even if that means giving into all of the wild fan theories that have been circulating since Cheryl Blossom was found on the side of the lake. Here are the top five theories surrounding Jason’s death:

1. The Killer is Daddy Dearest. And by Daddy Dearest, that would be Clifford Blossom, of course. He may be naturally stoic and creepy, but that also plays a huge part in considering him to be the brains behind his son’s death. While it’s been made painfully clear how much Jason and Cheryl’s mother preferred her son over her daughter, Clifford has been so hard to read thus far on the series. According to one Redditor, that could be because he is actually to blame for Jason’s demise. Clifford killed Jason after Jason found out the Blossom patriarch has a huge secret, says the theorist. In this case, that secret being that he’s actually Archie’s father.

It sounds a little melodramatic, sure, but the fact that Archie and Jason share the same red hair and that Jason’s own mother commented on it at the funeral could be a big clue. If the theory holds true, then it would mean that Jason tried to blackmail his father for money so he and Polly could run away, but in the end, Clifford made sure he had the upper hand. Pretty sneaky, Dad.

2. The Victim was Never Meant to Be Jason. Going back to the whole red-hair logic (which is pretty understandable on this show), BeauHawkins posted (via Reddit) the idea that whoever killed Jason had actually meant to kill Archie. Since it’s been mentioned on more than one occasion how much Archie and Jason look alike, both teenagers had bonds with Miss Grundy and an affinity for music and Jason was also on the football team, like Archie is now.

In the Redditor’s theory, someone had meant to hurt Archie based on his father’s business, or his relationship with Grundy, or maybe even because of his mom, wherever she may be. And, if viewers hadn’t already noticed, they seem to keep Archie and his storylines pretty separate from the big mystery that’s currently central to the show.

3. You Can’t Forget Even the Smallest Details. Remember Ethel, the girl who’d been one of the victims of the jocks’ scoring notebook? When Betty and Veronica got revenge on Chuck and Ethel looked on, she seemed pretty happy about the idea of getting payback. On Reddit, one user theorized that this could be evidence of something much bigger for the seemingly timid character. Maybe she had something against Jason, too, like a past tryst gone wrong with him, or she has something against all of the football players in general.

And — spoiler alert — Shannon Purser, who plays Ethel, is slated to appear on at least two more episodes, according to IMDb. It’s hard to say how the torture aspect of Jason’s death could play in, but it’s always the quiet ones, right?

4. Archie Wasn’t Grundy’s First Redhead. According to moonlight__wolf (via Reddit), there’s still too much about Grundy and too many suspicious characteristics to ignore. When Jason’s death was announced, she was so intent on keeping Archie quiet about their tryst by the lake. Obviously, part of it was because their relationship was totally illegal, but could there have been more to it? Maybe she had a relationship with Jason first and things got out of hand. She also owns a gun and when it came time for her to make a quick escape or face the public regarding her relationship with Archie, she was all too willing to get the hell out of town.

Again, that could be because she would be avoiding jail time because of her relationship with a minor, or it was because she had the perfect excuse to leave when a murder investigation was underway. It also leaves room for her to come back in a shocking way toward the end of the season, but when she’ll still be remembered enough to make it a huge reveal.

5. It’s a Lot More Complicated Than We Think. This one might be hard to swallow for some fans, but what if Polly Cooper is to blame? Redditor elizabethcooper theorized that, given Polly’s history with mental illness and the clear issues that Betty herself has had, what if Polly was involved in Jason’s death… but she just doesn’t realize it yet?

In some ways, that seems almost out of the question, since the show has seemed to work hard in asserting Polly’s innocence through the whole thing. But in other ways, he’s still so mysterious and the biggest thing viewers know about her (other than that Blossom baby she’s carrying) is that she has a history of mental problems.

In an interview with MTV, Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl) did make it clear that viewers will find out who killed Jason on Riverdale by the end of the season. But it’s everything leading up to the big reveal that’s going to have fans continuing to guess.
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