7 Crazy Fan Theories About Who the Black Hood Killer is on Riverdale

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Riverdale has quickly taken over as being one of the best shows on television right now. It has everything we love — romance, friendship and enough drama to last a lifetime. Not only are we obsessed with series, but we love the cast just as much! We honestly can’t even remember what life was like before we started obsessing over KJ Apa‘s workout routine or Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse‘s relationship.

The actors portray their characters so well that we often forget that they’re not actually in any danger and the town of Riverdale doesn’t exist…which is why we have had approximately fifteen heart attacks this season every time the Black Hood Killer is brought up. The mystery criminal has been going after all of our favorites week after week, and there are no guarantees that anyone is safe.

We don’t know much about the killer other than that he has some sort of obsession with Betty Cooper, but people have come up with their own theories about his identity. We found some of the craziest and possible fan theories on who the BHK is and why he’s wiping out Riverdale residents one by one.

1. Dilton Doiley is the killer.

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We can definitely see this theory being true. We have only met Dilton a handful of times, and the first time being when we found out that he was part of the Adventure Scouts troop that was shooting guns in the woods when Jason Blossom was killed. If that wasn’t sketchy enough, Dilton has continued to show up at the most random times. Did anyone else get a super queasy feeling when he sounded way too excited to give Archie a gun? And why didn’t anyone question why he had the weapon in the first place? One fan pointed out that DD may have even outed himself after Reggie and the football team walked out on Archie and the Red Circle. When it was just Archie and Dilton alone, he said this was what Archie always wanted, for him and the Black Hood to be alone, man to man. Fans think that this was his way of saying that HE is the suspect.

2. Chic Cooper is the Black Hood.

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We’re hoping that this theory isn’t true, but it’s another one that seems way too possible. When we first found out that Betty has a long-lost brother last season, we instantly began to wonder how he would be introduced in the new season. Although the gang hasn’t made any real progress on finding Chic, we do know that Hart Denton plays him and that he will make his Riverdale debut this season. One fan thinks that Chic has already returned to the town of Riverdale and is slowly killing everyone off because of how angry he is at his birth family. Now THAT would create a very interesting family reunion…

3. Alice Cooper is the brains behind Black Hood.

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This theory stems from the popular idea that the Black Hood Killer is targeting people in town who have committed major sins. Fred Andrews was labeled as an adulterer, Ms. Grundy was sexually attracted to under-age students and Midge and Moose were using drugs. When we think about who in the town is most against immorality, Alice instantly comes to mind. Throughout the season, she has been obsessed with ridding the town of the Southside Serpent and brings up the newfound violence in every conversation. She is also one of the few people who actually knew about the sins of the victims. Obviously it’s not Alice actually going out and shooting people, but she could definitely be the brains behind the operation, which brings us to the next theory…

4. Hal Cooper is the mystery murderer.

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This theory goes hand-in-hand with the idea that Alice is actually the one who has a vendetta against the town’s sinners. A bunch of fans have jumped on this theory enthusiastically saying that it totally makes sense for many reasons. The first, and most obvious, reason is that he looks like the killer. He’s an older white man with green eyes, so he definitely fits Archie’s description. We also haven’t seen a lot of Hal this season, which is strange because every other parent has had some kind of individual story line. We know that the Coopers have their own crazy side and that Hal and Alice are extremely loyal to each other, so it all adds up.

5. Black Hood is actually a vigilante.

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From the very little information we have about the Black Hood, we do know that he thinks what he is doing is right. One fan pointed out that the Black Hood is actually another comic book series that is vaguely related to Archie comics. Fans think that because Riverdale‘s BHK and the comic book black hood not only look the same, right down to the diamond-shaped eye holes, that he’s meant to represent the comic book character. In the comics, black hood fought against those he saw as evil for the better of the town. Could our murderer really just be a vigilante trying to clean the town up? Maybe!

6. There are multiple people who are Black Hood.

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After Fred was shot, Archie couldn’t stop talking about the suspect’s green eyes, but when he asked Midge about what the attacker looked like, she didn’t really confirm the color. All she said was that she saw “the devil’s eyes” so there’s no proof that it was the same person under the mask. There’s also the fact that there has been some inconsistencies in the Black Hood’s actions. The killer kept something as proof of his crimes from Fred and Grundy, but nothing showed up after Midge and Moose were shot. This could have been intentional, or someone didn’t get the memo to pick up something as they left the scene.

7. Clifford Blossom was also killed by the Black Hood.

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When we found out that Clifford Blossom had killed himself in the family shed, we were shocked. It was the last thing we were expecting, especially because he had just been outed for killing his own son Jason. One fan pointed out that although Clifford was found hanging, there was no stool, just two big barrels of drugs hidden in syrup. Fans don’t think that it’s likely that the patriarch would be able to knock down the barrels himself and that he was actually murdered by Black Hood and made to look like a suicide. This theory could definitely work out because Clifford had a sinful nature like all the other victims. While talking to her mother in the hospital, Cheryl also alluded to the fact that her dad didn’t actually kill himself by saying, “If you tell anyone the truth about what happened with the fire, I’ll tell everyone what really happened in the barn with Daddy.”

Anything is possible at this point, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens on the upcoming episodes!