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Wait, Did Riverdale Just Reveal the Black Hood’s Identity?!

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Hold the phone: Riverdale might’ve JUST revealed the Black Hood’s identity, but to be honest… we’re not so sure we believe it.

In true Riverdale fashion, last night’s episode left us practically sweating in places we didn’t know possible, all because it was revealed that *SPOILER ALERT* the creepy janitor, Mr. Svenson, IS. THE. BLACK. HOOD. However, many fans aren’t exactly convinced that the notorious town killer is actually Mr. Svenson, because it just seems a little too obvious.

So let’s break this down: Mr. Svenson’s identity as the Black Hood makes sense, especially after he went missing from school for days, causing everyone to become even more suspicious of his whereabouts. But, of course, that wasn’t enough to prove anything.

Along with his mysterious absence, we have to take into account that his entire family was murdered and there’s a good chance that he wanted to seek revenge by attempting to murder people he believes have sinned. Since Betty’s grandfather took part in the murders, it’s understandable why she would be the one the Black Hood (a.k.a Mr. Svenson) would target the most…

Betty has been blackmailed throughout the duration of Season 2, and was also gifted a cut-off human thumb, to which it was later revealed to be Mr. Svenson’s after he was shot.

The only problem as to why fans are skeptical of the Black Hood’s identity is that it just makes too much sense, and as we all know by now, that’s not exactly how things usually go down in the town of Riverdale.