Rita Volk’s New Character is a Far Cry from Amy on MTV’s Faking It

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It’s been a little while since Rita Volk graced our TV screens as Amy Raudenfeld on MTV’s Faking It, but fans of the show can rest easy knowing that Rita is back… and in a big way. On November 17th, her new movie, Almost Friends, hits theaters, proving to fans and critics everywhere that she’s a versatile actress capable of taking on many different roles in a variety of different mediums.

Since the end of Faking It in 2016, Rita kept her momentum going by signing on to do a bunch of different projects, including a web series called Relationship Status, which was produced by This is UsMilo Ventimiglia. Now, with the first season of that series behind her, and with Almost Friends coming out tomorrow, we got the chance to speak with Rita about her exciting new projects, embracing the uncertainty of Hollywood and, of course, the impact of Faking It.

Rita divulged a bunch of details about her upcoming movie, explaining that it’s about a boy named Charlie who experiences trauma and is unsure about how to move forward in his own life. Luckily, he has a friend named Heather, played by Rita, who helps him navigate through his troubles and encourages him to push through, and let’s be real… don’t we all need a friend like that sometimes?

She says of her character, “She’s willing to try new things, and she sort of pushes him to go out there and constantly reminds him that he has a lot to offer and that he’s a great guy. So she’s kind of like his support system.”

Rita was drawn to playing Heather in Almost Friends partially because the character is so different than the role of Amy on Faking It, and even though both projects fall under the genre of “dramedy,” the characters contrast greatly from one another.

She said, “On Faking It, Amy was more like the underdog. She had to be pushed to go out there and come out of her shell a little bit, whereas this character is the opposite. Now I have this friend, Charlie, who I have to do that for and push him, so she just seemed like a fun character to play. She’s confident in herself. She tries to be a good friend. It’s a little different.”

But since Faking It was Rita’s first major project, she dealt with some uncertainty once the show was cancelled regarding the direction of her career.

“It’s scary and it’s depressing. There were definitely a few moments where I was like, “Okay, well, what now?” Because you book something like that and you’re working consistently and that show ran for three seasons so it was all that we all knew… So yeah, absolutely. There was a little bit of a dry spell, but then you feel bad complaining about it because it’s not anything that any actor hasn’t gone through. It’s just the life of an actor.”

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Overall, she’s super grateful for the three seasons she got to spend working on that show, and continues to be extremely touched by the impact she’s had on some of the fans.

“One girl — I mean, not just one girl — but one I remember was, ‘I came out to my mom while watching your show,’ and that was beautiful. That was amazing. None of us predicted that we would have that sort of impact, so I think the pressure was just in doing this group of people and community right and portraying the subject matter in the most authentic way that we possibly could.”

Considering the abrupt ending of the show, we also asked Rita what she hoped happened to her character.

“I definitely see her as someone who goes on to college and really finds her group and is able to live her life and no one cares, which, is a good thing, that she can just be who she is just like any other college student today. Maybe she’s out there in — I don’t know — Peru making some sort of documentary about some sort of weird animal species or whatever. I don’t know. Something weird, but that’s probably where she is right now.”

Even though Rita did go through a dry spell in career following the cancellation of Faking It, she’s currently working on a bunch of different projects! Aside from the Almost Friends, another film called Summertime is currently in post-production, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rita in the future.

For now, be sure to check out her new movie Almost Friends in theaters this Friday, and of course, keep an eye out for more exciting things to come!