Guess This Rising Star’s Famous Sister!

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This adorb up-and-comer has been the total It Girl at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival. Although she isn’t famous (yet!), she has a few super-famous sibs. Any guesses?

BUZZ: Who snagged the lead in the new Twilight-esque sci-fi thriller?

Here’s a hint: she snagged the cover of hip indie mag V after co-star Chace Crawford recommended her as “rising star of the year.”

Okay, we’ll spill…

This gorgeous starlet, Elizabeth Olsen, is the little sis to Mary-Kate and Ashley. She’s stayed out of the spotlight most of her life, with the exception of a few cameos in MKA’s early flicks.

She’s attending Sundance for two (!) different films, so it’s only a matter of time ’til this Olsen joins her sisters in the spotlight.