Teen.com Endorses: Rio! 5 Reasons Why You Should See It

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If you’re too broke busy for a tropical vacation right about now, it’s okay. There are other options like, ya know, seeing the movie Rio! Fine, seeing a movie in a cold dark theater isn’t quite the same as lying on a warm beach sipping a virgin mojito, but we promise, going to see the flick will be like a mini vacay to Rio de Janeiro with Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway instead of your mom and dad.

But Rio‘s awesome for other reasons, too. Click on for 5 reasons why you should see it this weekend!

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1. The visuals are amazing. This isn’t some 1995 animated flick, guys. The graphics and colors and imagery are so amazing that you’ll actually feel like you’re in Rio de Janeiro, even if what you’re actually doing is stuffing your face with popcorn at your local Loews. Really.
2. Jesse Eisenberg is adorably awkward, as per usual, even in bird form. And his one-liners? Hilarious. We especially love “What are you little love birds up to?” to which Jesse’s character, Blu, replies, “Actually, we’re more like acquaintance birds.” SUCH a Jesse statement. Wow.
3. Anne Hathaway sings. And her voice is actually good! Granted it’s only, like, a verse, but whatever. Girl can sing.
4. will.i.am plays a rapping bird. And a hilarious one at that. And his and Jamie Foxx’s bird characters are so funny together it’s like Timon and Pumba (from The Lion King, 2.0).
5. It’s cute! Plain and simple! There’s nothing that’s not adorable about a bunch of tropical birds going on an adventure together. And there also might be a little love story involved too..

Oh! And be sure to check out our interviews with the cast below, too!


Rio‘s in theaters now! It did amazingly well overseas and we just know it’s gonna kill it in the US, too. Are you going to see it this weekend? Tell us below!